Reliability Leadership – Training Programme

Reliability Focus ™ is our range of training programmes dedicated to building a Reliability-focused, organisation-wide culture.

Putting the business firmly in control of its assets, creating processes and procedures to ensure asset reliability and up-time, and maximising equipment effectiveness at the lowest possible cost with full control over risk, Reliability Focus ™ creates a culture that naturally engages employees and motivates them to achieve their full potential.

At PRS, our experience tells us that Reliability is achieved most completely when all teams and all individuals across the organisation are playing their part. This is why our five programmes are tailored to different parts of the reliability journey.

Intrinsically connected, these Reliability training programmes make all individuals accountable for their part to play in the quest to achieve sustainable reliability, living reliability processes, and a reliability-focused culture across the organisation.

We at PRS understand that reliability leadership is crucial to reliability improvement, for businesses everywhere, whatever your shape, size or industry. This blog explores our Reliability Mindset Programme.

The Programme

At PRS, we’ve taken our years of experience and collective insights to devise the ultimate Reliability Mindset Programme. Recognising the need for management commitment and active leadership throughout the reliability journey, this programme will ensure that common values are shared right across the organisation.

If businesses are going to make an impact with reliability improvement, all departments, and all individuals need to take part.

Reliability outcomes are strongly influenced by the mindsets and capabilities of all individuals within an organisation.

By “mindsets”, we refer to the underlying patterns of thoughts, feelings, assumptions, values, priorities and opinions, which shape a person’s perception and motivation. It’s these mindsets we can help develop to ensure that Reliability standards are met.

Reliability is not just a technical issue, it requires strong, organisational, cultural foundations on which to build. It’s these cultural foundations that our Reliability Focus ™ solution, and each programme within the range, have at their core.

With everybody talking the same language of Reliability, we can begin to see our reliability journey progress with more clarity and vision.

To learn more, give our Director Gary Tyne CRL a call on 07568 533 336, email him at

Related Training

PRS’s “Reliability Mindset – A Training and Coaching Programme for Driving Sustainable Change”, is an in-house coaching course, that begins with a three-day event, and further coaching days as requested.

With clients all over the world, from the Pharmaceutical, Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Power Generation, Food & Beverage and Chemicals industries, we help light the path of the reliability journey for businesses everywhere.

Further Information

If you are interested in performing a Reliability Maturity Self-Assessment at your facility or would like to develop a roadmap for your Reliability future, then please get in touch.

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