A Letter to the OEM…….Should I Laugh or Cry?

Dear Mr and Mrs OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer)

I have been reading your OEM Manuals for almost 40 years now and I wish to report they are not improving. The latest one I read from you is for a brand-new production line that you are trying to sell me, it is 180 pages long with only 3 pages dedicated to the Maintenance Strategy.

Yes, Maintenance, that important activity required to ensure the equipment is available to run when required. It provides the equipment with the availability to deliver its capacity output that I require to meet my customers’ expectations.

So why are you being so lazy when it comes to recommended maintenance strategies, that often just do not make sense. I simply do not agree with your statement that your equipment is ‘Maintenance Free’.

  • Do you understand Maintenance?
  • Do you understand Reliability?
  • Do you want the equipment to fail so you can sell me more parts?
  • Do you want me to sign an expensive maintenance contract that allows you to replace parts every year that do not need replacing?

One of your recent OEM Manuals that you sent me stated the following:

Maintenance Task 1 – Check and replace worn out parts periodically.

Frequency – Daily

Maintenance Task 2 – Change Oil

Frequency – When its Dirty

I do not know if I should laugh or cry.

Sorry………Mr and Mrs OEM but it’s time we as asset owners took a stand.

So, if you want me to purchase this new production line from you and spend £1.5 million – this is what I want in return included with the purchase:

☐ A lifecycle analysis with budget and performance predictions
☐ Optimised spares holding levels in my stores.
☐ Warranty against breakdown and loss of availability
☐ An optimised maintenance strategy for upload into my CMMS.
☐ A training plan for our technicians and operators

Is this too much to ask?

I look forward to your reply.

Yours Sincerely

Mr Asset Owner

Further Information

If you are interested in performing a Reliability Maturity Self-Assessment at your facility or would like to develop a roadmap for your Reliability future, then please get in touch.

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