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At PRS, we’ve combined our years of experience in helping our customers achieve sustainable reliability, and in training businesses to become more reliability-focused, to create our Reliability Focus ™ range of training programmes.

This range of programmes was designed to support the development of a Reliability-focused organisational culture. Gathering all departments and individuals together, to ensure all hands within the organisation is firmly on deck, is crucial to influence the reliability journey with maximum impact.

This doesn’t mean that each department needs its own reliability specialist, but all departments (and those working within them) need to have an awareness and understanding of how they can impact the reliability of an asset, and ultimately the performance of the plant.

This blog explores our “Work Management” programme, one of five belonging to our Reliability Focus ™ range.

The Programme

Our Work Management Programme was designed to deliver order, structure and a living process to organisations who wish to accelerate their productivity and assure the reliability of their assets.

Maintenance, planning and scheduling is a key business process that can help assure asset reliability and assist in achieving production targets. Unfortunately, this organisational process breaks down from time to time, halting the achievements and progress of the organisation and its people.

There are differences between planning and scheduling that need to be recognised. Quite often, maintenance planners are found to just be scheduling work, rather than planning it, creating a negative reliability-related knock-on effect for the wider business.

Planning considers what activities the maintainer needs to perform, how they’re going to perform them, what resources are needed, and what parts are required.

Scheduling is setting when you are going to perform the plan and is often aligned to a production plan to minimise disruption.

We deliver comprehensive planning and scheduling support and training, that can be customised to your company’s unique requirements based on your own work management business process.

To learn more, give our Director Gary Tyne CRL a call on 07568 533 336, email him at, or alternatively, fill in the contact form below.

Related Training

PRS’s “Maintenance Planning & Scheduling for Reliability”, is a 3-day, Work Management programme, deployed with our associates Lifetime Reliability Australia.

This programme will enable our delegates to identify the best practices and methods, the specific requirements and the systems that need to be in place (and in use), to get the most from planning and scheduling.

Extended periods of time and vast amounts of money, can be lost if preparations are not made well, or thoroughly, causing enormous disruption to production.

Maintenance planning, when done correctly, maximises tool time, by ensuring jobs are ready (with all resources and information at hand). The goal is to create an uninterrupted workflow, so tradesmen can walk from job to job uninterrupted, executing their roles with 100% “right-first-time” quality.

With PRS, High-quality planning leads to top-quality organisational performance.

Further Information

If you are interested in performing a Reliability Maturity Self-Assessment at your facility or would like to develop a roadmap for your Reliability future, then please get in touch.

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